Take care with woodworking plans

Woodworking Plans

All of us who love woodworking know that having the correct tools and materials for each project is important, but sometimes we forget one element that is even more important than those tools or material.

Not matter the ideas you have, unless you are the big boss in this world or you need plans.Those woodworking plans do not only guide you step by step through your project but also  prevent you from making mistakes that would ruin your creation.

I was a beginner once and started buying working books and guides everywhere, some were good while others…ok, not so much,Then they usually mix plans for beginners with very advanced ones. And there is nothing more frustrating that trying to work on a project that is a lot above your knowledge level. Indeed the instructions needed for a beginner are not the same you need when you are a more experienced woodworker.

So this said, I am sure you have a question in your mind, ok, that is great, but where do I get woodworking plans according to my needs? This with detailed steps, diagrams and illustration that would guide me building my wood projects?

We do not want you to spend money right away, you could just start looking out there in Internet…of If you are following us, maybe you have checked one of our post  previous posts in which we were giving away an almost 500 page guide book with woodworking plans.

We are sure this is a great way to start.  (just check post we published on 20th June)

Of course you can have a look also on internet, but please take care with it. It is not a good feeling when you start a project, buy materials and tools… to see later the woodworking plan you were working with is not clear enough or even has error. (Yes,I did that mistake.)

Also depending on your project, you can have a look also at our woodworking collection where we have some really affordable tools.

And do not forget us once you become and  experienced woodworker!.

If you may decide to try to create your own plans we would love to see them. We could post them here so our big community benefits for it.


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