A cool idea for everyone, a kit bundle, and more gundam supplies

A cool idea for everyone, a kit bundle, and more gundam supplies

Good evening!

This week I was browsing my favourite Facebook groups on modelling and a user posted something that I thought was a good idea.

More on that below, as well as a new way to introduce kits by bundling several related ones together and some new products for Gundam lovers.
If you have ever struggled to find the exact paint bottle you need because you have too many and they are stored in opaque boxes or racks, this will be super helpful to you:

This person bought transparent racks that were originally created to store nail polish bottles. Simple but brilliant idea!

Here's how it looks (section of the picture he posted on Facebook):

Transparent Racks

The truth is, these racks can be used for nail polish paints but also for scale modelling paints and weathering products, for artistic paints, etc. And they are super convenient.

Of course, I had to look for ones I could add to our store, and I found them. Click here to view them.

Moving on to plastic kits; I often buy kits that are somewhat related and that I can use for a diorama or vignette, plus some aftermarket parts to make the model more realistic.

So, why not look for some and offer them together on our site? So that's what I set out to do, and we will start with a German Panzer tank.

And last but not least, I have added more products in our Gundam collection, though the magnets can be used for any kind of scale model


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