Is pendant hole too small for your chain?

Is pendant hole too small for your chain?

Hi Friends!

Today I just want to write a bit about a problem maybe not so usual for jewelry makers but yes for jewelry lovers. Indeed last week some of my friends asked be about it!

You know, you have a necklace you really love and you decide to change the chain. Or simply, you bought a new pendant and want to use one of your chains. That is great!

You take the pendant and you try to connect to your chain…and…oh no!! The Chain won´t fit through the pendant.

Sometimes is simply because the pendant hole is too small for the chain. Other times you are simply trying to  put a charm on a necklace that doesn't fit….the problem is the same. . It could be the ring the clasp, the chain itself (any or all of them).

Ok, what can you do? You could go to a local jeweler to cut the ring and solder back (and pay for it), or simply do it yourself. It is an easy fix!

Here are some ways to fix it depending on the pendant and the chain.

(Belowe you have some tools we recommend)
  1. Sometimes the problem is with the end part of the chain (or the ring in the necklace). If the problem is that the chains finished in bigger ring and that rings does not pass through the necklace hole (so the chain passes through the hole but not that ring), the solution would be easy.
    Open and remove that ring , pass the chain though the hole necklace and put the ring back.

    Pendant wont fit on chain

    (to do it and do not damage the ring we recommend adequate pliers. When we need to do it we use the model 5 of our pliers in the link below this post.

    Ok, it is an easy (and cheap), solution but sometimes not the best. Why? Because if you want to remove  the chain you have to open the ring again
    Pendant wont fit on chain fixed

    If this is a problem for you, simple change the circle for one that is smaller or openable.
  1. If the problem is with the chain itself (So it is thicker than the hole). Obviously no matter what you do, The Chain won´t pass. In this case the best alternative is to use a connector. So, you put a connector that in one side, fits the pendant hole and in the other, fits also the chain. It could be a closed connector (so it will not be an easy way to separate again necklace from  chain), or an openable one. (A clasp or an open ring connector). (You will find some of them in our collection below)


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