Just a couple of important news

Cooking Collection
And today, I bring you a couple of important news and a new collection.

Let's start with the news first:
  • There are no new scale modeling items today, but the reason for that is that I'm working on some huge additions to our collection that will surely be very well received by all modelers. Hopefully, I'll be in touch regarding this throughout next week. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the collection and send me ideas on things you'd like to see added that I may not have thought of.
  • And after that, something interesting for everyone: I'm working on the technology to implement two things in our store: a loyalty program, by which you will earn points with each purchase which will translate into benefits in future purchases. And second, we will soon be launching our first contest/sweepstake, which will translate into prices for one or more of our subscribers. Stay tuned; more about this probably in a couple of weeks.
And now, let's talk about our new products: the cooking collectionCooking Collection.

I'm not sure if we can technically call it a hobby, but I definitely enjoy it. Besides, there's someone who cooks in every home, so you can find something for yourself or as a gift for a loved one among these useful, little-known, and affordable cooking tools and aids.

Some of the products are of great help like the knife sharpener. Others are just cute and fun. Take a look at some of them, but be sure to check the collection page because we have many more!


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