Wet Palette


Variant: Basic

Variant: Basic
50xConductive Paper
50xColor Mixing Paper
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Watercolors and acrylics are very versatile mediums to carry your pigments and lead to high-quality results in paintings, scrapbooking, and scale modeling.

They have a drawback, however: they dry very quickly. So if you want your spend some time painting, you either pour them in small quantities often, or you find a way to make them stay wet longer.

This is what this wet palette will allow you to do.

* The basic model includes the palette, a foam piece, a napkin-style water conductive paper, and 5-color mixing papers.

* The complete model includes the palette itself, a foam piece, 50x water conductive papers, and 50-color mixing papers.

It's very easy to use. Just dampen the sponge with water, put it on the palette, and cover it with one of each of the papers. Then, pour the paints on top of the paper; they will absorb the water through the paper slowly, remaining in usable condition for a long time.

We have to prepare each shipment individually as they are ordered, so allow us in 3-4 weeks for it to arrive in USA/Canada (to be safe) and 3-6 weeks rest of the world, though thy are usually delivered much faster.