Double-Layer Miniature Figures Storage Case

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Maximize your storage and protect your miniature collection with this compact, portable case. Featuring two customizable layers, it offers space for up to 72 figures, ensuring organized, easy access for gamers and collectors alike.

Double the Capacity: This storage case is designed with two layers, doubling the available space and allowing you to store up to 72 miniature figures. This design maximizes storage efficiency, making it an essential choice for collectors and gamers.

Optimized Organization: The dual-layer structure provides excellent organization opportunities, featuring separate compartments in each layer. This setup makes it simple to categorize and swiftly access different parts of your collection.

Enhanced Protection: Each layer in the case acts as an additional safeguard, offering superior protection for your miniature figures. This feature is crucial for keeping your collection safe from damage during transport or while in storage.

Modular Flexibility: Customize each layer to suit your collection's specific needs with foam inserts or dividers. This flexibility allows for perfectly tailored slots that fit any size or shape of miniature figures, enhancing both protection and organization.

Versatile Storage: The two-layered design not only stores miniature figures but also accommodates a variety of other hobby items. This versatility makes it easier to keep different types of collections organized and accessible in separate layers.

Compact and Portable: Despite its high capacity, the case maintains a compact and easily portable form, ideal for transporting your entire miniature collection to gaming sessions, events, or exhibitions.

This storage case is more than just a container—it’s a comprehensive solution that keeps your valuable figures organized, protected, and ready for any occasion.