Camouflage Masking Putty


Model: Blue (Soft)

Blue (Soft)
Blue (Soft)
Black (hard)
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When it's time to paint a multi-tone camo on your model, unless it's a modern scheme with straight lines, masking tape won't help you.

So, you have three options:

  • Do it "free hand". This is good, and the way experienced modelers do it, but it requires a steady hand and a good control on your airbrush.
  • Use Photo-etched stencils. Again, it's good, and if you know how to use them you can do soft-edge camouflages. Unfortunately, these stencils are only useful for relatively big, flat surfaces. It's impossible to use them effectively to apply a camo on most tank turrets, crevices etc, let alone the main gun.
  • Or, you can use this product, a flexible masking putty.

This product brings in the following advantages to your painting process:

  • As it is extremely flexible and maleable, you can apply it over any surface, no matter the shape.
  • It sticks to the model just enough to remain in position while you paint, but it's very easy to remove after you're done, it won't stick to the surface.
  • As you apply the masking before you start painting, you can see an overall picture of your model and the areas you are going to paint. So you can adjust and make corrections before spraying a single drop of paint.
  • Depending on how hard you press it against the model, and the angle of you airbrush when you paint, you can create hard or soft-edge camouflages.
  • And, the icing on the cake... it's reusable! Once you have finished painting your model, you can remove it, put all the pieces of putty together in the can, and use it for the next model as if it was new.

Choose between two forms of putty elasticity: soft (blue) for intricate designs or hard for flat surfaces. Soft putty is optimal when contouring tight spots or detailed objects, such as tanks or aircrafts. Whereas hard putty is suitable for flat pieces with minimal detail, like gundams

Grab yours now, and welcome to the world of complex camouflages without the sweating.


We have to prepare each shipment individually as they are ordered, so allow us in 3-4 weeks for it to arrive in USA/Canada (to be safe) and 3-6 weeks rest of the world, though thy are usually delivered much faster.