Tools for Zimmerit Modelling
Tools for Zimmerit Modelling

Tools for Zimmerit Modelling

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If you enjoy building German Armor, you are likely familiar with Zimmerit. It was an anti-magnetic paste used by the Germans during 1943 and 1944 to prevent magnetic mines from successfully attaching to their target vehicles.

Hence, it was widely used in vehicles such as Tigers I and II, and Panthers.

Many models already come with the zimmerit cast on the turret and hull surfaces. Others, however, do not; or you may want to improve it, or re-do it in some sections.

For that, you will need a specialized tool with which you can create the famous patterns on a thin layer of putty.

This zimmerit tool comes with different "heads" that are in fact stamping tools, with which you will be able to model zimerit realistically, conveniently, and to scale.



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