Multifunction Soldering Station


Set: Station and 4 Arms

Set: Station and 4 Arms
Station and 4 Arms
1 Adjustable Height Support
4 Movable Board Supports
1 Magnifying Glass
1 Arm
Station, 4 Arms and 4 Board Supports
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Designed for electronics works in mind, but also useful for scale modelers that like to solder their PE parts, this soldering station has everything you need. And we also have extra / replacement parts if you need them:

  • A 23 x 18.5cm (9 x 7.3 in.) large aluminum alloy base with 4 soft rubber pads, that prevent the soldering station from sliding around on your bench.
  • Four 29cm (11.4 in.) long flexible heat-resistant metal arms, stiff enough to stay exactly where you want them but fluid enough to move into that perfect position that you just cannot obtain with another "helper". Much better than the plastic ball and socket joints type arms which may melt with the heat of a soldering iron.
  • Four stainless steel alligator clamps mounted onto the end of the arms, with screw mounted in a way that allows them to rotate 360 degrees in either direction and then be locked into place.The clips have heat resistant silicone case to protect your projects from scars or electrical short circuits and can be used to hold delicate objects.
  • Four movable metal bearings with 15x5mm magnets on the bottom to ensure a firm attach to the base; compatible with various shape PCB boards, not just the square or rectangle shaped ones, so extremely convenient.
  • Adjustable height supports to place the base at the optimum position. They can be adjusted in height from 10 to 40mm.
  • An optional magnifying glass that can be attached to the base so that you don't strain your eyes while soldering small components (electronics) or PE parts (scale modeling).

Select the package and accessories you need, and start soldering in a convenient, stress free way.

We have to prepare each shipment individually as they are ordered, so allow us in 3-4 weeks for it to arrive in USA/Canada (to be safe) and 3-6 weeks rest of the world, though thy are usually delivered much faster.