13 in 1 Painting Tools Set For Scale Modeling - Model Building Tool Sets

13 in 1 Painting Tools Set For Scale Modeling

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As any experienced modeller knows, the build stage of a kit is important, but what it really brings a tank, plane or ship to life is the painting stage.

That's when you can use techniques such as color modulation, filters, weathering effects, etc.

And a good paint job will make your model stand out, be it in an expo or in a display case in your bookshelf.

This kits includes all the basic tools you will need to achieve excellent results, while at the same time you minimize the droplets of paint that ends up in your fingers and, more importantly, in your lungs:

  • Set of mixing trails so that you can obtain and see for yourself the desired mixtures of paints and thinners.
  • Wooden sticks and clamps, that allow you to hold small pieces while you are airbrushing or hand-painting them.
  • A set if fine cotton buds used to remove exccessive paint or washes when you are highlighting panels or other details in your model.
  • Two paint jars with their corresponding lids so that you can mix and store your paint mixtures for future use without fear of it drying up.
  • Three mid-size brushes that you can use to paint or apply washes to large areas, as well as apply pigments.
  • Two super thin brushes that you can use to paint details or access narrow areas in your kit.
  • A set of pippets, very useful to measure precise amounts of paint and / or thinner so that you can obtain the desired color and consistency for airbrushing or hand painting.
  • Two paint stirrers, to achieve the perfect mixture.
  • Two face masks, which are critical for your health if you are airbrushing enamel-based paints.
  • A set of latex protectors for your fingers, so you can hold any piece in your hands while you spray paint it without getting your skin dirty, or leaving fingerprints on your newly painted model.
  • An eraser, that can be used to correct mistakes or achieve suprising weathering effects on your models.
  • Three plastic "shot glasses" that are perfect when you need to mix large amounts of paints to apply the base coat for a model, for instance.
  • Masking tape, so that you can protect those areas of your model you don't want painted when airbrushing a new layer of paint.

In essence, with this kit you will have everything you need (except for the aibrush) to start painting your models and achieve professional results.

13 in 1 Painting Tools Set For Scale Modeling

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