Thinking Monkey
Thinking Monkey
Thinking Monkey
Thinking Monkey
Thinking Monkey
Thinking Monkey

Thinking Monkey

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This cute paint by numbers "Thinking Monkey" will allow you to easily create your own piece of art just by following the numbered shapes in the canvas with the appropriate color, while also giving you room to improvise and add your own personal touch. 

  • Go one step beyond any "cookie-cutter" painting you can buy at a retail store... that will be also owned by thousands. This will be the result of your personal work, passion, and creativity!
  • Get relaxed, and even improve your concentration and ability to sleep! While we are immersed in an activity like this "paint by numbers" process, our brains enter a quasi-meditative state, often switching to alpha waves, that bring huge benefits for our brains.
  • It's also an amazing project to work on with your loved ones. It can be your spouse/partner or the small kids in the family. The sense of bonding and shared achievement after completing the canvas is hard to describe.
  • And of course, it makes for a perfect gift for any friend or family member!


Standard: 50cm. x 40cm. (20'' X 16'')
Medium: 80cm. x 60cm.  (31.5'' X 23.5'')
Large: 100cm. x 80cm. (39.4''X 31.5'')
The package includes:
1. Green Thickened linen canvas. Clear and stable texture. Easy to color.
2. Natural durable pine frame (included in "Standard with frame" model only). 
3. High-quality paintbrushes.
4. Numbered acrylic-based paint (HAP Quality certification and non-toxic).
5. Lighting Agent (To be added at the end to protect the picture, add brightness and preserve the colors).