1/35 Resin Industrial Vignette

1/35 Resin Industrial Vignette

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This model is a highly-detailed vignette cast in resin, depicting big destroyed industrial tubing and rubble.

It is perfect for a little vignette where you can depict the fighting in industrial cities like Kharkov, Stalingrad, or any German city in the Rhur area on the Western front.

The kit needs assembly using CA glue and painting.

Safety warning (for any resin kit you buy from us or elsewhere): Working in a ventilated place or wearing a filtering mask while you cut and sand resin is strongly recommended, as resin dust is highly toxic and can cause severe respiratory irritation and/or respiratory allergies.

Once cut, sanded and cleaned, you can manipulate them and paint them like any other model, without any risks whatsoever.



We have to prepare each shipment individually as they are ordered, so allow us in 3-4 weeks for it to arrive in the USA/Canada (to be safe) and 3-6 weeks rest of the world, though they are usually delivered much faster.