Welcome to our Loyalty & Referral Programs page!

This page describes the programs, and their terms, as of writing it in June, 2021. As we test them and they evolve, they are subject to modifications, hopefully additions and improvements. Such changes would be published here, as well as notified via e-mail to all the members.

The programs in General

What are these programs in a nutshell?

  • The loyalty program allows registered users to earn points based on certain actions like buying in our store, sharing it online... And then these points can be redeemed as discounts in future purchases.
  • The referral program is quite easy to explain: you send a special personal link to someone who thinks would love any of our products, he/she gets a 15% off her next order, and you get that 15% for your next order as a reward too!

Where can I find them?

You can always access them from the purple symbol with a star at the bottom-right of the page, both in mobile and desktop:

Loyalty Program Access MobileLoyalty Program Desktop

When you click on that icon, a pop-up with the different options will appear.

Now, let's get into the specifics of each of them.

The Loyalty Program

This program is aimed at rewarding our most faithful advocates and fans.

How to earn points

Basically, you can earn points for performing certain actions. These points can be then exchanged for discount coupons -more on this below-

As of now, you can earn points for doing these actions:

  • Creating an account on our site - 200 points, one time. This can be done either during checkout, or from the main menu even if you're not ordering anything. (Note: we know at this point many users have already created their account and can't do it again. I'll go through them and assign the points myself).
  • Placing an order - 5 poins for each $ spent on our site. No limits, points will be added with each order.
  • Following us on Instagram or Twitter, or Liking our Facebook page - 50 points, one time. (Do it from the Loyalty Program pop-up to ensure they are correctly accounted for).
  • Sharing our link on Facebook or twitter - 100 points, (one time per user, for now).

How to redeem your points

From the pop-up window, click on "ways to redeem" and you will see the number of points you have; once you're ready to use them (100 points minimum), you can go to the section "How to redeem my points" and click on "Redeem".

The rule is simple: 100 points = $1 discount

You will be presented with a window like this (and also receive an email) with your coupon:

Redeem Coupon
Then of course, you can apply that coupon during checkout and the discount will be applied.
Note: Remember that you can only use one coupon for order, so:
  • it may be better for you to wait until you have -say- 650 points and want to place an order to get your $6.5 discount coupon...
  • ...rather than collecting three coupons for $2.5, $2 and $2 as you gain points just for the sake of having the coupons, as you would need to place three orders to use them.

The Referral Program

The concept is very simple: many of us hobbyists know something that shares our same hobby.

Moreover, in our close circle we may know people that enjoy other hobbies which are not necessarily ours, but which they are passionate about.

In this case, what you can do is refer them to our site and, in case they make a purchase, we will reward you for referring that new customer to us.

Not only that, you will be offering them (automatically) a 10% off coupon with your invite, and you will also get a 10% of what they order credited to you. The more they order, the better for you, so try to think of some hardcore hobbyists :-)

I hope you like these programs, and take advantage of them. Any questions, let me know!