Why we strive to create a portal by hobbyists for hobbyists.

I've read since I can remember; I think there were more walls with shelves full of books in my home than we had drawers for clothes or houseware.

When I was a child, my grandfather taught me how to work with wood, and build small pieces of furniture (he did it as a pass-time after his retirement).

When I was a teenager, I started building scale models.


I also love drawing and painting, mainly using oils and watercolours. Not that I have much time for that now, as I still build scale models, but my passion is there nonetheless.

When I grew a bit older I formed an amateur rock band with some friends. I learned how to play the electric bass... mainly because one of my friends already played guitar, and the other one played the drums, so basically it was the only thing left to play, hehe.

Why do I tell you all this?

Well, mainly so that you can see how hobbies have played an important role in my life, and still do; and that -as an amateur hobbyist- I've faced many challenges over all those years.

I grew in the pre-Internet era, in a small town with few (if any) hobby shops.

Which meant that it was hard for me to buy tools, materials, kits, accessories etc.

And also, if I wanted to learn something, I had to rely on books (which, for something like scale modelling is quite limiting), or take in-person classes, which is expensive and time consuming.

Things have changed a lot with the Internet, and the advent of YouTube or Amazon.

But even now, having access to large malls or online stores, I find it hard to find some unique products (or to find the typical ones at a reasonable price) and a hub for content for hobbyists.

So this is what I strive to create with this site. A portal build by hobbyists -I'm surrounding myself with a team passionate about different activities- where you can find the best products and information to help you go one step forward with whatever hobby you enjoy.

I hope I achieve it, and you love it.


We're so confident you'll love our products, we offer non question free returns. Don't like something you bought? Tell us about it, and we'll be happy to issue a full refund.


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